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May 2018 Vol 3(1), pp. 001-008

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Original Research Article

Paper Review on Inclusion, Physical Activity and Social Competence amongst Learners with Intellectual Disabilities in Kakamega Kenya.

Odiango Roselyne Ajwang 1* and Bukhala Peter 2Nguka Gordon 3

1&2 Department of Health Promotion Masinde Muliro University, P.O box 190-50100, Kakamega, Kenya
3Department of Nutritional Sciences Masinde Muliro University P.OBox 190-50100,Kakamega,Kenya.

Corresponding Author's Email: rodiango@yahoo.com

Accepted 26th February, 2018.


Research studies consistently demonstrate that children with intellectual disability (ID) are deficient in social competence in general (Brooks 2013; Klavina and Radionova 2016). This makes their able bodied peers shun them hence making them become isolated in school, community activities and play situations. Numerous social competence deficits also interfere with the social functioning of children with intellectual Disability (ID). Due to the limited effectiveness of social skill interventions for this population, it is necessary to explore additional opportunities for social skill acquisition through physical activity involvement. Research suggests that physical activity participation positively influence adolescent skill development (World Health Organizations-WHO 2011); however, little is known about the benefits of Physical Activity participation for children with ID. Their involvement in activities is related to higher ratings of social competence. The purpose of this paper review was to explore physical activity intervention on social skill development of children with intellectual disabilities. The objectives was to: (a) highlight challenges children with Intellectual disabilities face in an inclusive setting (b) elaborate on the role of physical activity intervention on social competence for learners with ID in an inclusive setting. (c) Recommend other intervention measures that significant others may need to incorporate in their service delivery to ensure these children reap health-related social competence benefits of participation in physical activity programs. This paper used desktop research in gathering up to date relevant data on physical activity intervention on social skill competence on children with intellectual disabilities. Descriptive statistics were used to present the information gathered.

Keywords: Physical activity, Intellectual disability, Intervention, Inclusive setting, Participation.

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Odiango Roselyne Ajwang et al. Paper Review on Inclusion, Physical Activity and Social Competence amongst Learners with Intellectual Disabilities in Kakamega Kenya. 3(1) 2016 pp. 001-008.

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