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September 2016 Vol 2(1), pp. 001-006

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Original Research Article

Provision of National Health Insurance Fund Services to Its Members; Pain or Gain?

Charles W. Marwa

Assistant Lecturer in the Department of International laws, Faculty of Law-Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Corresponding Author's Email: charmarwa@googlemail.com

Accepted 3rd June, 2016.


This Article is devoted to uncover the pain and gain both to NHIF and members to the Fund. The focus is on how the Fund is striving to provide better services amid a number of anomalies to it that leads to dissatisfaction to service recipients. The researched Article has been approached through a survey of existing literatures and guiding relevant laws and directives, which were analytically presented and discussed. The contributor discovered that NHIF is advancing to be a compulsory Statutory health insurance by forceful deducting non-members' salary who are not enjoying the fund services. This is unfair to non-members and to other health insurance funds. Some forced members are not members by registration as NIHF Act requires, and they are reluctant to incline to it because they perceive government services are offered at lower quality than alternative private providers. Further that, no single provision in The NHIF Act of 1999, together with the 2002, 2005 and 2009 Amendments to it that calls for forceful membership. Hence, this in turn brings about unfair competition to other health insurance fund and is now felt as intolerable pain by forced membership. Lastly, Tanzania needs to ratify and adopt Convention on Minimum Standards in Social Security of 1952 as this will do away with a number of notable unnecessary differences and challenges between NHIF, other Heath Insurers and esteemed members of the Fund.

Keywords: NHIF, Service, Pain, Gain.

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