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Unified Journal of Political Science and International Relations

January 2016 Vol 1(2), pp. 007-013

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Original Research Article

Denuclearization: A Veritable Strategy for the Promotion and Sustenance of Global Peace


Department of International Relations and Strategic Studies, Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author's Email: lixosaghae@yahoo.com

Accepted 4 January, 2016.


This paper attempted an anatomy of the variability of denuclearization as a strategy for the promotion and sustenance of global peace. To achieve this, denuclearization and global peace were conceptualized, the different strategies that have been adopted to denuclearize partially or wholly, unilaterally, bilaterally and multilaterally constituted the focus of the discourse. Moreover, the effects of denuclearization were looked at from the view of the utility of nuclear weapons as the most predominant strategy for deterrent to aggression by the nuclear possessing nations. The cases of denuclearization such as strategic offensive Reduction treaty and Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties were classified as either partially or wholly motivated in relation to the attainment of a nuclear free world. The conclusion was that if nations nuclear and non nuclear possessors alike exercise absolute fidelity in the implementation of the strategies of denuclearization, nations will begin to look for other means instead of nuclear to acquire and maintain exceptionalism in the family of nations the international system.

Keywords: Denuclearization, exceptionalism, proliferation, Nuclear and non-nuclear possessors, Aggression.

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