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Unified Journal of Psychology and Counselling

May 2018 Vol 1(3), pp. 026-036

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Original Research Paper

Health Psychology Perspective of Child Counselling

Hector Chiboola, Ph.D.

Principal Lecturer, Kabwe University P.O Box 80222, Kabwe, Zambia

Corresponding Author's Email: hectorchiboola@yahoo.com

Accepted 20th April, 2018


This article was developed based on the qualitative literature search with the intention of delineating childhood disease conditions in under-five children and how this can inform psychosocial counselling practice. In developing countries, several millions of children die before they reach their fifth birthday every year; and eight in ten of these deaths are due to neonatal conditions, pneumonia, measles, diarrhoea, malaria and severe malnutrition, or a combination of these diseases. This implies that a single diagnosis may not be possible or appropriate, and treatment may be complicated by the need to combine medications for several different diseases at the same time. It is plausible to infer that some sick children at health facility level are not properly examined and treated, and their parents are not adequately advised and guided, especially in rural communities where staffing and capacity of trained health personnel poses a gigantic challenge. It is in the context of these gaps that psychosocial counselling in health becomes an imperative desirability, particularly for purposes of improving the continuum of management and care. Providing quality care to children suffering from various disease conditions can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, there is need to promote and strengthen the management and care of childhood illness with aspects of nutrition, immunization, personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, prevention, health education, promotional advice, supportive care, and psychosocial counselling.

Keywords: Health psychology, childhood illness, disease conditions, child counselling,

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