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November 2015 Vol 1(1), pp. 001-014

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Original Research Article

A survey on perception of the image of the nursing profession in Zambia by nursing students at the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Zambia

Caroline Zulu1* and Dr C. Ngoma1

1University of Zambia, School of Medicine Department of Nursing Sciences P. O. Box 50110 Lusaka, Zambia.

Corresponding Author's Email: caroline.zulu@unza.zm

Accepted 2nd October, 2015.


This is an exploratory descriptive study conducted to establish the perception of the image of the nursing profession by nursing students at the University of Zambia. An understanding of studentsí perception and its evolvement during the course of the study can assist nurse educators in evaluating the educational programís strengths and weaknesses. This understanding can enhance curricular development towards a caring and holistic paradigm of nursing. Moreover, it should add to the body of knowledge of nursing education, especially in relation to admission processes, by examining specific personal attributes that influence studentsí perceptions towards their career. Methods: A total of 76 conveniently sampled students participated in the study. Data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire that comprised of three main parts: A likert scale was used to determine if students had either a positive or negative image of nursing profession. What could have influenced the studentsí perception and studentsí social ranking of the nursing profession. Data was coded, entered into computer software (SPSS version 20). After analysing data, it was presented in figure and table form. Results: The findings showed that most (70%)of the students had a positive perception of the Nursing profession and 30% had negative perceptions of the image of nursing. A large proportion (80%) of them responded that they had experienced a change, from negative to positive perception of the image of nursing after joining the nursing profession due to several different factors. Most of the students (80%) aspired to go for further education after graduating from their Bachelor of Science in nursing program; though surprisingly, some of the students (20%) and intended to change their profession after graduation. Conclusion: Therefore, there is a need for continued concerted effort by the nursing fraternity and the community at large to reinforce a positive image of nursing and hold the profession high, in order to attract more individuals into the nursing profession.

Keywords: Nursing Profession, Positive Perception, Quotered Nursing Student, Image of Nursing

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Caroline Zulu and Dr C. Ngoma. A survey on perception of the image of the nursing profession in Zambia by nursing students at the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Zambia. 1(1) 2015 pp. 001-014.

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