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Unified Journal of Geography and Regional Planning

January 2017 Vol 1(1), pp. 001-005

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Park and Outdoor Recreation Impact on Man and Environment

Dare E. Alaba1* and Omaye, A. Tokula (PhD)2

1Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Kogi State University, Nigeria.
2Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Faculty of Education, Kogi State University, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author's Email: exceldare@yahoo.com

Accepted 12th December, 2016


In a modern neighbourhood, adequate and standard facilities and services should be provided to make the residential area functional. The basic principle of recreational planning is that desirable space standard should be set aside and reserved long before their need became apparent to man. This study focused on basic design principle of park and recreation and the impact of park and recreation. The approach to the study include: field survey and administration of questionnaire to five hundred respondents systematically drawn from neighbouring population of five thousand. Descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the data. Finding from the studied revealed that park and recreation is a major aspect of our local and national development. It contributes significantly to the Gross Domestic Products and is responsible for millions of job in varied field of travel and tourism, popular entrainment, soccer. Park and recreation promote health and fitness of its users. It also preserves and conserves the natural environment. The authors advocate Built Onward Transfer (BOT) by the State Government to the private sector in its maintenance, and effective management policy. Secondly, adequate security should be provided at public places such park playground to guarantee safety of those who visit such an area.

Keywords:Park, Outdoor Recreation, Neighbourhood Playground, Land use.

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