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Unified Journal of Educational Research And General Studies

November 2015 Vol 1(2), pp. 007-020

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Original Research Article

Embracing Diversity: an Inclusive Approach to Students’ Success in the learning Environment

Nichodemus Obioma Ejimabo

School of Business and Education Wayland Baptist University Alaska, USA

Corresponding Author's Email: nickejimsmith@yahoo.com

Accepted 19th October, 2015


Diversity in the universities and institutions of higher learning is complex and dynamic in nature. While it has gained a considerable recognition and vital attention by many institutional leaders, administrators, and faculty members in the United States, yet the existence of inequality, bias, and discrimination among students of diverse orientation is still ongoing and continues to permeate some universities and colleges of higher learning in our country and other parts of the globe. This article is focused on examining the genuine and meaningful approaches that would support and encourage “diversity – an all-inclusiveness” for all students in the learning environment. To achieve this purpose, some creative strategies to institutional and educational leadership assessment in the area of managing inequality, discrimination, and embracing “diversity – an all-inclusiveness” for all students were addressed by the author to support and encourage a healthy, unbiased, conducive, and learning environment. For him creating a learning climates and academic practices that evolve with today’s ongoing diverse cohort of students requires an effective, trust, and institution-wide commitment to addressing diversity and student success as core values with measurable objectives. This piece of work contains some suggestions and recommendations that the writer intended to serve as a resource for the implementation of diversity strategies in our schools by the institutional leaders and administrators.

Keywords:Institutions, Diversity, Leadership, Administrators, Education, Inclusiveness.

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