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Unified Journal of Computer Science Research

December 2015 Vol 1(2), pp. 008-015

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Original Research Article

Electronic Document Management System for Kirikkale University

Mustafa Basibüyük1* and Atilla Ergüzen1

1Computer Engineering Department of Kirikkale University, Kirikkale, TURKEY

Corresponding Author's Email: musbaba@gmail.com

Accepted 4th December, 2015.


Today, universities and institutions produce and use a large number of documents in several types. Producing, sharing, copying and archiving documents are an important issue. Most of the institutions and universities handle these tasks manually or semi-automated. However, it is faced with many problems in practice since there is not an effective document management system. It is difficult to achieve necessary documents quickly when it is required and to share these documents with others when it is needed. For such reasons, institutions have to develop document management system applications. In this study, a document management system developed for the Kirikkale University is discussed.

Keywords: Electronic Document Management System, Document

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