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Unified Journal of Botany

April 2016 Vol 1(1), pp. 001-009

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Original Research Article

In Which Family Shall We Put The Genus Veronica L.?

Avni ÖZTÜRK 1* and Ömer KILIÇ2

1Yüzüncü Yil Üniversity, Science Faculty, Biology Department, Van,Turkey.

2Bingöl Üniversity, Technical Vocational College, Bingöl,Turkey.

Corresponding Author's Email: avniöztürk49@gmail.com

Accepted 21 April, 2016.


The Scrophulariaceae family has been updated in recent years. It has been discussed in papers and other publications if the family can maintain its classical taxonomic position any more. In connection with this subject, this article tries to explain and to prove that the Veronicaceae family must be established and especially that Veronica L. has to be included as a monotypic genus in this family, presenting scientific data and morphological evidence. Some other similar, close and different views on this subject are described and discussed, too. In addition, our brief view and interpretation about the classification and diagnosis of plants at the molecular level is discussed with respect to its necessity, advantages and disadvantages.

Keywords: Antirrhinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Veronicaceae

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Avni ÖZTÜRK and Ömer KILIÇ. In Which Family Shall We Put The Genus Veronica L.?.Unified Journal of Botany 1(1) 2016 pp. 001-009.

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