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Unified Journal of Agriculture And Food Science

November 2016 Vol 2(2), pp. 009-014

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Original Research Paper

Effects of Cassava Pulp Seviate Meal on the Serum Biochemical Indices of Finisher Broiler Birds

Okonkwo, V.N.1 and Munonye, J.O.2*

1Department of Animal Science and Fisheries, Imo State University Owerri, Nigeria

2Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development, Imo State University Owerri, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author's Email: munojane@yahoo.com

Accepted 13th October, 2016


Sixty 28 days old unsexed Anak breed of broiler birds were used in four weeks feeding trial to assess the effects of Cassava Pulp Seviate Meal (CPSM) as energy source ingredient on serum biochemical indices of the experimental birds. The twenty- eight days old birds were grouped to feed on four treatment diets with four different levels of (CPSM) as T1 (0% CPSM), T2 (10% CPSM), T3 (20% CPSM), and T4 (30% CPSM) respectively. The birds were grouped into four treatments of fifteen birds per treatment group and each group was further replicated three times in completely randomized design of five birds per replicate. Feed and drinking water were supplied regularly and in so doing, adequate medication and sanitation measures were carried out. At the last day of the fourth week of the feeding trial, two birds were randomly selected from each replicate and 10ml bloods were collected from each bird with 10ml sterile syringe. The samples collected were used to assess the serum biochemical profiles of the experimental birds. Results showed that the serum biochemical indices of the experimental birds in glucose, cholesterol, protein, albumin and globulin, decreased as the inclusion levels of cassava pulp seviate meal increased in their diets though it did not show any deleterious effects on the birds. The result also showed that urea creatinine and cyanide increased as the inclusion levels of the CPSM increased in their diets. The inclusion of 20% cassava pulp seviate in finisher broiler bird's diet negatively affected the serum values which resulted to poor performance of the birds. However 20 percent cassava pulp seviate meal appears to be the optimal inclusion level in finisher broiler birds for good result in serum biochemical values of the birds.

Keywords: Poultry and energy feedstuff source, Cassava Pulp Seviate Meal, finisher broiler birds and serum values.

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