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Unified Journal of Agriculture And Food Science

July 2015 Vol 1(1), pp. 001-010

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Original Research Paper

Assessment of Range Condition in Relation to Different Grazing Areas of Chifra District of Afar Regional State of Ethiopia

Mohammed Abdulatife1* and Abule Ebro2

1 Dubti Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Research Center P.O.Box 16, Semera (Afar), Ethiopia.
2 International Livestock Research Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Corresponding Author's Email: amame120@yahoo.com

Accepted 7 July, 2015.


This study was conducted to determine the condition and the existing status of rangeland in Chifra district located in Afar Region. The rangeland in the study district was stratified based on altitude and grazing areas. Accordingly, the altitude classifications used were >550-850 m a.s.l and >850-1,100 m a.s.l. Furthermore, the grazing areas were stratified as communal grazing, riversides and enclosure, which represent the major grazing areas of the pastoral community. The parameters considered for range condition assessment were grass species composition based on ecological index and weighed palatability composition method, basal cover, age distribution, soil condition (erosion and compaction) and woody vegetation density. The study of vegetation assessment was showed that the condition of the rangelands in the study district was good in enclosure (in both altitudes), fair in communal (in both altitudes) and poor (in lower altitudes), fair in riversides grazing areas of the upper altitude. In general, the result of the rangeland assessment study indicated that the condition of both communal and riverside grazing areas have deteriorated which may need an immediate improvement interventions, while the enclosure areas are in good condition relative to the remaining two grazing type so it need a sustainable conservation of their present condition. Therefore, rehabilitation and restoration of the grazing areas through the establishment of community based enclosure or resting highly denuded areas and conservation of natural resources through re-seeding depleted grazing areas, developing water points on the grazing areas and introducing water harvesting mechanisms were crucial to improve the rangeland condition of the study district.

Keywords: Communal, riverside, enclosure, range, condition, altitude.

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