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Unified Journal of Agriculture And Food Science

August 2015 Vol 1(2), pp. 019-025

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Original Research Paper

Challenges and Mitigations of Fisheries in Tana Sub Basin, Ethiopia.

Dagnew Mequanent1* and Aboytu Sisay2

1Amhara Design and Supervision Works Enterprise, P.O.Box 1921, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.
2Department of Natural Resource Management, Gondar University, P.O.Box 196, Gondar, Ethiopia.

Corresponding Author's Email: dagnewm5@gmail.com

Accepted 21 July, 2015.


The study of challenges and mitigations of fisheries in Tana-Sub basin was conducted in 2014 for ten months. Sampling sites (154) were identified and selected based on Agro-Climatic Zone using Geographic Information System and key informant discussions were conducted. There are 5472 fishermen. At present, fisheries system is at risk because of over fishing, bad fishing season, fishing tools (mono filaments, fences, poising chemicals and small mesh size) and unnecessary activities are also taking place. Tana Beles filters allow much fish to enter to the turbine, which can kill almost all of them. Fishing, processing and transportation are very traditional. Developmental projects may possibly pose serious problems on the water level, water quality and biodiversity of Lake Tana and the Feeder Rivers. Fishing is taking place in breeding season and spawning ground of each species. As a result, from interviewed, 81.35% reported that fish supply decreased in the last ten years. Because of the traditional production system and poor management practice, the fishermen as a whole in this area are getting low income from the resource. Among the fisheries management awareness creations, restocking, prevention of destructive fishing methods/ tools, licensing of fishers and enforcing the control of illegal fishing, enforcement of management measures, participatory management approach, institutional capacity and linkage, managing pollution and the likes are important.

Keywords: Fisheries, natural resource, sustainable development, Tana Sub-basin.

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