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Recently Published Articles

Does Dividend Signaling influence the Shareholder Value: An Empirical Investigation on Listed Firms in Sri Lanka?
K.G.A. Udaya Kumara
J. Acct. & Tax Vol 2(1) pp. 001-008 June, 2018.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Paper Review on Inclusion, Physical Activity and Social Competence amongst Learners with Intellectual Disabilities in Kakamega Kenya.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Health Psychology Perspective of Child Counselling
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Effect of Labour Management Relations on the Performance of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

State Cohesion and Economic Development: Analysis of South Korea and Nigeria Colonial and Post-Colonial Experiences (1900-1980)
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Construction and Theoretical Analyses of a Roof Truss Made of Gmelina (Gmelina Arborea) Suitable for Cross River State of Nigeria
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Reformulation of Childhood from an African Perspective: Key Issues in Child Counselling
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Relationship Pattern of the Patron-Client Seaweed Farming of Bajo Community
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Counselling Psychology Perspective of Child Abuse
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Improving the ESP Students' Vocabulary by Using Pictures
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Evaluation of Pollution Status of Great kwa River Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
Digha, Opaminola Nicholas* , Akintoye Oluyemi Olarinde & Nwaoba Ngozi
Unif. J. Env. Sci. Tox. Vol 2(1) pp. 001-015 August, 2017.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Challenges Facing Women Groups in Entrenching Climate Smart Agriculture to Enhance Food Security in Face of Changing Climate of Eastern Region of Kenya
Wabwire,O. E 1, Mutune, J.M2*, and Onsomu, L3,
Unif. J. Agric. F. Sci. Vol 3(1) pp. 001-007 March, 2017.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Park and Outdoor Recreation Impact on Man and Environment
Dare E. Alaba and Omaye A. Tokula (PhD)
Unif. J. Geo. Reg. Plan. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-005 January, 2017.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Effects of Cassava Pulp Seviate Meal on the Serum Biochemical Indices of Finisher Broiler Birds
Okonkwo, V.N.1 and Munonye, J.O.2*
Unif. J. Agric. F. Sci. Vol 2(2) pp. 009-014 November, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Health Care Expenditure, Health Outcomes, and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria: A Toda – Yamamoto Causality Approach
Anne C. MADUKA11, Chekwube V. MADICHIE2* and Chukwunonso S. EKESIOBI1
Unif. J. Econ. Int. Finan. Vol 2(1) pp. 001-010 October, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Proactive Therapeutical Modulation of the Postoperative Intraperitoneal Adhesions- the Efficacy of the Collagen-based Biomaterials (simple and composite)
Simona Bobic1,2*, Vlad Denis Constantin1,2, Vlad Andrei Budu3,Bogdan Socea 1,2 , Gheorghe H Popescu4 and Elvira Nica 5
Unif. J. Med. Med. Sci. Vol 2(1) pp. 001-009 October, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Sustainable Treatment for High Iron Concentration in Groundwater for Irrigation Purposes
Karim K. Shahin*, Ahmed E. Ahmed, Samir M. Ismail, Abdallah M. Zein El-Din
J. Soil & Water Con. Vol 1(2) pp. 010-016 September, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Effect of the Theory of Life Cycle on Size of Firms in Nigeria Brewery Industry
Dr. Inyiama Oliver Ikechukwu * and Nwankwo Caroline Nkechinyere
J. Acct. & Tax Vol 1(2) pp. 025-037 September, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Provision of National Health Insurance Fund Services to Its Members; Pain or Gain?
Charles W. Marwa
Unif. J. Sport & Health Sci.Vol 2(1) pp. 001-006 September, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Can Predictive Business Analytics Improve Performance Measurement? (Analysing Business Performance Measurement Systems)
Emmanuel Opoku Ware, PhD 1* and Michael Adu Nti1
J. Acct. & Tax Vol 1(1) pp. 001-024 June, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

The Influence of Decision Making Process in the Nigerian Leadership and Management Operations
Nichodemus Obioma Ejimabo
Unif. J. Edu. Res. Gen. Std. Vol 2(1) pp. 001-018 June, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Functions of Commercialization of innovation in Cultural Products
Ali Reza Motameni1, Ali Rezaeian1,Akbar Alem Tabriz1 and Abolfazl Nazari1*
Unif. J. Bus. Admin & Mgt. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-007 May, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Controlling soil surface crust formation using Nanosized sulfonated polyaniline
A.M. Zein El-Din1Hammed H. A. M. Hassan,2M.M. Abou El-Kheir1 and R.M. Youssef1*
J. Soil & Water Con. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-009 May, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

In Which Family Shall We Put The Genus Veronica L.?
Avni ÖZTÜRK1* and Ömer KILIÇ1
Unified J. Botany Vol 1(1) pp. 001-009 April, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]   [MS-Word - Doc]

Plastic Marine Debris: Sources, Distribution and Impacts on Coastal and Ocean Biodiversity
Prabhakar R. Pawar*, , Sanket S. Shirgaonkar, & Rahul B. Patil
Unif. J. Env. Sci. Tox. Vol 1(2) pp. 014-025 February, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Local Government Institutional Review in Waste Management in Indonesia.
Budi Supriyatno
J. Pub. Admin. Res. Theo. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-012 January, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Investigation of some alloyed (SG) ductile irons
Khidhair Jasim Mohammed
U n i f . J . E n g r . M a n u f . T e c h . Vol 1(1) pp. 001-006 January, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Denuclearization: A Veritable Strategy for the Promotion and Sustenance of Global Peace
Unif. J. Pol. Sci. Int. Rel. Vol 1(2) pp. 007-013 January, 2016.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

The Leadership Challenge of Overcoming the Scourge of Racism: The Coping and Mitigative Strategies Used by Leaders
Christopher M. kimaru
Unif. J. Pol. Sci. Int. Rel. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-006 December, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Electronic Document Management System for Kirikkale University
Mustafa Basibüyük1* and Atilla Ergüzen1
Unif. J. Comp. Sci. Res. Vol 1(2) pp. 008-015 December, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Learning by Distance: Prospects, Challenges and Strategies
Isaac Kofi Biney1,2* and Emile Kwadwo Worlanyo1
Unif. J. Edu. Res. Gen. Std. Vol 1(3) pp. 021-028 December, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

The Effect of Eight Weeks of SSG and Resistance-Plyometric Training on Serum Level of Myostatin, GASP-1 and IGF-I in Young Football Players
Saeid Rostami1* Mohammad Reza Kordi2Reza Gharakhanlou3 and Reza Nouri4
Unif. J. Sport & Health Sci.Vol 1(1) pp. 001-006 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Embracing Diversity: an Inclusive Approach to Students’ Success in the learning Environment
Nichodemus Obioma Ejimabo
Unif. J. Edu. Res. Gen. Std. Vol 1(2) pp. 007-020 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Influence of Social Technical Factors on ICT Readiness for Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
Isaac Barasa Batoya1*, Franklin Wabwoba1 and Juma Kilwake1
Unif. J. Comp. Sci. Res. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-007 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

The Relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability in Commercial Banks: Evidence from Iran
Mostafa Pahlavan1*, MohammadReza Asgari2 and Sareh Pahlavan1
Unif. J. Econ. Int. Finan. Vol 1(2) pp. 008-016 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

A survey on perception of the image of the nursing profession in Zambia by nursing students at the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Zambia
Caroline Zulu1* and Dr C. Ngoma1
Unified J. Nur. Mid. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-014 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopic findings in patients presenting to Tamale Teaching Hospital, Ghana
Stephen Tabiri1*, Akanbong Prosper2 and Atiku Adam2
Unif. J. Med. Med. Sci. Vol 1(2) pp. 006-011 November, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Increasing Batik Production by Using UV-LED for Color Excitation
Komarudin Kudaya1*, Setiawan Sabana1, Agus Sachari1 and Eko Mursito Budi2
Unif. J. Edu. Res. Gen. Std. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-006 October, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Biomonitoring of heavy metals by lichens in Setif Area (East of Algeria)
C. Douibi 1, M. Ramdani1*, A. Khelfi 1, R. Benharket 1, T. Lograda 1, P. Chalard 2, 3
Unif. J. Env. Sci. Tox. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-013 August, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Challenges and Mitigations of Fisheries in Tana – Sub Basin, Ethiopia
Dagnew Mequanent1* and Aboytu Sisay2
Unif. J. Agric. F. Sci. Vol 1(2) pp. 019-025 August, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Is Platelet-Rich Plasma a Promising Treatment In Severe Knee Osteoarthritis?
Ilker ILHANLI1*,Necip GUDER2 and Esin AVCI3
Unif. J. Med. Med. Sci. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-005 August, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Assessment of Range Condition in Relation to Different Grazing Areas of Chifra District of Afar Regional State of Ethiopia
Mohammed Abdulatife1* and Abule Ebro2
Unif. J. Agric. F. Sci. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-010 July, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Variability for protein content and determination of other physical seed Quality characteristics in Released sorghum varieties of Ethiopia
Kassahun Amare1*, Habtamu Zeleke2 and Geremew Bultosa2
Unif. J. Agric. F. Sci. Vol 1(1) pp. 011-018 July, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

Country Size and Determinants of Economic Growth: A Survey with Special Interest on Small States
João António Furtado Brito
Unif. J. Econ. Int. Finan. Vol 1(1) pp. 001-007 July, 2015.
[abstract]   [full text - PDF]

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